What We Are
The Triton Society is a non-profit environmental organization that is dedicated to exploring and educating people about the waters of our world.  We feel that through education, people will gain a significant appreciation for the role that water plays in our daily lives.  Consequently, it is in all of our best interests that we take good care of the waters of the world.

What We Do
To Discover. . .

Exploration of the underwater world it one of life’s greatest thrills.  Come with us as we discover the mysteries of the colors, shapes, sounds, and creatures of this vast part of our planet.  By either leading our own expeditions or teaming with other organizations, our members are out in the field where the action is.

To Learn. . .
We seek to make sense of the world around us.  Whether it is how the underwater ecosystems work, what causes coral bleaching, or how the oceans affect our climate, our explorations contribute to the body of knowledge that is science.  We seek truth in science.  In an age where it seems everyone has a political agenda, we report our findings based on the science, not the politics.

To Educate . . .
We offer a wide range of educational programs covering all aspects of water.  Wetland delineation, coastal ecosystems, marine conservation, fish identification, and more will be subjects we will study.

Who We Are

Robert G. Tallent, D.Sc.

Jacques Behar

Quinton Robinson

Michael Engiles
Technology Director

James Kuhn
Public Relations Director

Jon Coon
Education Director

Robert Atwater
Strategic Relationship Director

Jim Guard
Legal Director

Anthony Quinn
Resource Development Director

Bennett Hart
Awards & Recognition Director

Scott Smith
Communications Director

Peyton Williams, LTC Ret.
Environmental Education Director

Dr. William A. Zarillo
Ocean Conservation Director

Alyssa Engiles
Marketing Specialist

Triton Award for Marine Conservation