Explore the underwater world
Earn the Master Scuba Diver certification

Marine Ecology

  • Earn Specialty Diver rating in Underwater Naturalist,
  • Earn Specialty Diver rating in Fish Identification,
  • Earn Specialty Diver rating in Coral Reef Conservation,
  • Earn Specialty Diver rating in Buoyancy Control, and
  • Earn Specialty Diver rating in Night Diving.


  • 5 Youth to achieve the Bronze Medal,
  • 2 Youth to achieve the Silver Medal, and
  • 1 Youth to achieve the Gold Medal.

Take action
Participate in Marine Ecology conservation. Document 100 hours of service on one or more marine conservation projects.

Project ideas may include such things as:

  • Organize a REEF Fish Survey,
  • Organize a PADI Project AWARE Coral Survey,
  • Organize participation in an International Ocean Clean-up Day activity,
  • Organize a fund raising event for a marine conservation organization,
  • Develop a presentation on some aspect of the marine environment and deliver your presentation to a local civic organization,
  • Organize an event to introduce people to diving.

There are many other activities that would qualify as helping the cause of marine conservation. Projects shall be documented on The Triton Society web page.

Triton Award Application